New SEO Strategies and Tips for 2020

New SEO Strategies and Tips for 2020

New SEO Strategies and Tips for 2020 : A new year 2020 is just started and we should plan our strategy for SEO. As we know Google launched many new algorithms in previous year like Humming bird , Penguin, Panda etc. Due to these penalty and latest searching algorithms we do not stuck with old SEO tips. We should apply new optimization tricks to make our sites alive in search results. Today I am going to share some tips to optimize your sites in good positions in search results with some specific keywords. These are real and I found them by doing some experiments on my blogs.

How to Create Backlinks in 2020 ?

Creating backlinks is old strategy which is not worked now due to penguin penalties algorithms. Avoid to making inbound links from different sources like forums, blogs commenting and directory submission. It will harm your site instead of help in SEO. You may create some quality links from guest posting but in limits and try to get linked with only highly relevant popular sites.

Focus in On-Page SEO

In the past, we focus on off-page SEO and try to linking with more and more sites and do not give more value to on-page optimization. But now in 2020 we should focus on On-page SEO that means we consider the following :

Title Tags :

Research on your niche keywords and put them in your title tags. Do not repeat the same title of all pages.

Meta Description and Keywords :

Meta description is very important, It should be a summary of your page content and also have some important keywords.

Heading Tags :

No doubt, heading tags are not only for designing but also affect your optimization. Use h1 and h2 heading tags for your main title of page and it also should not same for every page of your blog.

The main Content :

Your main content should have text description in the form of paragraph. If your site is for Wallpapers of Download Images, you should write more then 200 words in every page to describe the image, it will help to get better position in search results.

Optimize Images :

Give proper name to images and also give three-four words alt text to all images for optimize your all images. Do same for links too.

Use interlinking :

Interlinking means add links of your own site on relevant keywords. It help to alive your old posts too with your new ones and pass page rank to inner pages.


I write this post because I ranked my two sites without do any off-page SEO, I just apply above mentioned things and got all links ranked in top positioned. I hope these tips will help you to optimize your sites and protect you to penalized. Give your suggestions and also share your experiences, what’s you expected in SEO of 2020. Till then ta-ta bye-bye 🙂 See you in next post.

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