6 Tips to Boost/Increase your Alexa Rank in 2020

Tips to Boost/Increase your Alexa Rank

6 Tips to Boost/Increase your Alexa Rank in 2020: Every webmaster wants to improve its website reputation in the eyes of visitors and advertisers. There are many factors that we count when calculate any sites’s popularity and reputation in the world of blogosphere. Most of the time it is called as “Alexa Rank”. A webmaster or owner of the website is only know about its site’s analytic and stats of visitors but alexa track more than 30 million websites world wide and collect their visitors information like location of visitors, time on the site, bounce rate, number of sites linking, most searched keywords from search engines and other analytic information. It gives an estimated position (Rank) to every site in a numeric value in a way that less value is better than higher (e.g Rank 1 site has highest number visitors). Advertisers are more interested on the websites having rank less than 1 lac. Today I am going to share some tips to boost your alexa rank in upcoming year 2020. So let’s start now

6 Tips to Boost/Increase your Alexa Rank in 2020

1# Submit Your Site in Alexa and verify ownership of your Site

First of all go to www.alexa.com and enter your domain URL in the search bar. If your site data is not shown, don’t worry about it, your site will be added automatically within 48 hours or less. When your site ranked showing in alexa then verify your ownership by creating account in alexa.com or by log-in with your Facebook account. Alexa give more importance to verified sites.

2# Update your Site frequently

This is very important point, you should update your blog daily in a frequent manner, try to update your site 2-3 times in a day and write more and more to see a big changes in your rank. When you update your site again and again, every time search crawlers comes to your site to index new content and note that most of the crawlers installed alexa toolbar so alexa count them as a visitor and you see improvements in your blog’s rank.

3# Share Your Every Post in all Social Media Sites

All popular social media sites have high Page Rank (e.g Facebook at 9, Twitter 10, Google+ 9). These High PR sites has dedicated crawlers and bots to index data. When you share your post in these sites, these bots come to your site and alexa count them as a visitors because most of the bots installed alexa toolbar. You will notice clear improvement in your rank. I already using this trick to boost my own rank with less visitors.

4# Install Alexa Toolbar in your Browser

Must Install alexa toolbar extension in your browser. So every time when you visit your own blog. Rank will be going to more better by doing this. Also install it on your friends computer’s browser when you get a chance to use their systems 😉

5# Add Alexa Review Box Or Rank Widget on your blog

Add alexa rank widget in your footer or sidebar so it counts all your visitors that not install alexa tool bar yet. You may ask your loyal reader and friends to write a positive review in your alexa profile which is also consider a good factor in visitors and advertisers eyes.

6# Write an article on the topic of Alexa

Many popular webmasters said in their blogs that you can improve your rank by writing an article on the topic of alexa but I am not sure because I am also publishing this article first time on my blog ever. So if this tip will work for me. I will definitely share with you, but this time I am not saying anything about it.

Focus on Tips No# 2 and 3 Seriously

I mentioned 6 tips to boost your alexa rank but I forced you to focus on two tips seriously that are tip No. 2 (Update your site daily) and 3 (Share every post in all reputed social media sites). Because I already experienced these two tips and got awesome results.

Also keep in mind that rank is depends on the site traffic you received. So also try to increase your website traffic by applying different SEO strategies.

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